LunaPath specialists 

LunaPath is a leading pathological service provider in Japan. 

Our experienced scientists can provide Professional Services to work with you and support your preclinical evaluation.  

LunaPath member scientists















Dr. Hiroshi Onodera / former PMDA, NIHS

Dr. Yuji Oishi / Osaka City University

Dr. Hijiri Iwata / Head of LunaPath Pathology Team

Dr. Haruhiko Sugimura / Professor Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

Dr. Dai Nakae / Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture

Dr. Katsuhiko Yoshizawa / Professor Mukogawa Women University

Dr. Kunitoshi Mitsumori / Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Dr. Hiroshi Sato / Professor Iwate University

Dr. Christopher Jerome / Wake Forest University

Dr. Steve Bain / Washington State University

Dr. Tetsuo Satoh / Professor Chiba University

Dr. Takayuki Anzai / Professor Showa University School of Medicine/PDS Ltd.

Dr. Hisayoshi Takagi / Japan SLC, Hamamatsu University School pf Medicine

and so on


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